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Mayan Sign: Kawoq


Signifance of the Kab’awil: The group of spheres represents the members of a family and a group if families that belong to a community. The cross hatching means assistance or collaboration.

Meaning: Kawoq is family, meetings, groups, society, community, and continent-anything that can be grouped. It is a community day, generally beginning with the individual. It means group relationships and descent, the eternal return to life of future generations. It is society, the village, the town, the country, the continent, the planet, The planetary system, the galaxy, the universe, and expansion. It means the strength of unity, greater consciousness, the unfolding if the cosmic plan, growth, and fertility. It is the energy for abundance, in both the material and spiritual sense. It is the energy that brings the rain for good harvests.
It is a special day on which Ajq’ijab’ (Mayan priests) and K’exelon (midwives) burn pom to the Sacred Pouch in their brazier. This is the coral incense that the four B’alameb’ offered in the ceremony when they asked the Sun to come out for the well-being of the people. It is a special day to ask that one’s people, house, family and heart benefit. Ajq’ijab’, K’exelon, and spiritual guides burn copal to their Sacred Pouch to ask for the well-being of the people. It is an auspicious day to hold the sacred ceremony for cures. On Kawoq, one should ask for the knowledge to use medicinal plants because it is a day of energy, nature, and the elements.
It symbolizes the woman or the wife and the sacred spiritual staff. It is dignity, the Mayan priest, the representation of power and authority. It symbolizes total realization: rain, lightening, fire, wind, and water. It is group consciousness, individuals seen as a unit, and the assumption of an imaginary leadership role. Everything one does is for the benefit of the community, thus eliminating egoism and taking advantage of others.
The role of Kawoq is the passing of time, the accumulation of days, and reaching each one brings. It is cycles of time in each of the calendrical sets, and the changes these being represent the various stages of life.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign B’atz’, and their destiny sign is Kej.
Kawoq are brave, intelligent, noble, and imaginative. They are good-natured, kind, calm, generous, and caring. They are motivators and good communicators and presenters. They guide and defend the people. They are spiritual guides, diviners, and prognosticators. They are clairvoyant, receiving messages through dreams and body signs.
They attract abundance and will never go hungry. The arts, which are not foreign to them, are one means for them of attaining wealth. They are friendly and get along well with others. They have a great capacity for interaction and fit in anywhere, in any situation, although they always yearn for home. Not ambitious, they accept things as they come. They are somewhat conformist and obedient but have the gift for leadership when they are in power. They let themselves get carried along by gossip and what others say. Other people are very important to them. They like to put things in their place and will therefore not hesitate to make claims against anything they consider incorrect. They tend to get involved where they’re not wanted. Their fulfillment comes through transformation and regeneration.
Kawoq live for their families and find it hard to break away. They are good children and concerned parents they have to fight the inclination to live other people’s lives for them. Although there intention is to prevent others’ suffering, they are often manipulative and may impose their own vision. They are respected in love, although it is difficult for them to find a partner. There are quite conservative in this regard. Thy will have problems with their spouse unless they can become less dependent on their family, particularly their mother.

Positive Aspects: Kawoq behave rationally and are sure of themselves. Rey are observant, noble, imaginative, and judicious. They tend to be generous community leaders an dedicated to their families. They never go hungry. They are responsible with family. They are diviners and receive good body signs and dream signs. They deepen their knowledge and refuse to tolerate injustices.

Negative Aspects: Kawoq sometimes get involved where they don’t belong. They can also be blamed for when something bad happens. They refuse to back down in arguments whether they are right or wrong. They are probe to illness unless they do their spiritual work. They can be combative and intrusive and are likely to experience divorce and infidelity.

Energy: Kawoq This is the best day to San for the common good and well-being of the family, as well as to settle family disputes or problems of financial nature. It is a good day to attract affluence and abundance in business. It is a day on which to ask for good weather for crops.

Professions: Ecologist, neuropath, community, leader, politician, mathematician, gynecologist, orator, writer, artist, forecaster

Governing Body Parts: Heart, nerves

Nawal: Turtle

Energy Places: forests, especially pine or cypress

Colors: Green, blue

Complementary Signs: Kawoq, I’x, K’at, and Toj

Harmonious Signs: Kawoq, B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Aq’ab’al, and Kej

The Mayan Cross


Kawoq in people’s hearts attracts then to small groups and the local community. It makes them responsible and attentive to detail, which can verge on perfectionism. They will hold leaderships positions and are very well prepared for anything to do with community service, politics, and government. Kawoq is a sign of abundance. The presence of those born under this sign draws others even if they don’t realize it. They inspire confidence and maintain a strict sense of justice, although their idea of justice can be rigid. Their greatest challenge in life is family. Their family ties are very strong and hard to break; Kawoq have trouble separating from their parents in order to start their own family. When they do break those family ties, however, they are exemplary spouses and parents.
B’atz’ as the conception sign makes Kawoq good planners and doers. They attain a great deal of prestige and fame in the area of community service. This energy also enables them to be visionary planners. They are drawn to traditional medicine and can balance the se of plants and energies or currents with physical and chemical.
Aj in the right hemisphere manifests in Kawoq as a strong, authoritarian personality, although deep down they are vulnerable and seek protection. This energy is responsible for their success and prestige, which are envied, particularly in the family circle. Kawoq are good conversationalists and make excellent friends. They are overprotective parents and need a great deal of attention as children.
Kan in the left hemisphere allows Kawoq’s mind and sprit to become one. The image is of a spiral, inner five, the DNA that is projected onto the spiritual as a catalyst that awakens innate occult powers. Kan makes their love relationships sublime, and Kawoq generally fall in love with those who are attainable or unavailable. However, they will always find someone with whom to create a home. The person born under this sign will be similar to one of their parents. As the sign of family, Kawoq ensures unity and protection, at times to excess. They can become obsessive in the regard, and that obsessiveness is their greatest obstacle to growth.
Kej as a destiny sign marks Kawoq as sensitive, agile, nervous, and somewhat impulsive. As walking trees, they find peace and harmony in woodlands. This is where their mind and spirit will be nourished. Although this sign ensures that they are firmly rooted in all four corners of the world, it also points to their need to take precautions because betrayal can occur where they least expect it. Those born under this sign need harmony, and it is therefore best to be surrounded by artistic expressions and to have their own space, their own refuge.

Famous People born under Kawoq: Isabella Rossellini, Nicolas Cage, Diana, Princess of Wales, Brad Pitt, Yves Saint Laurent, Kurt Cobain, Joe DiMaggio, Jerry Seinfeld, Al Gore, Nicole Kidman, Joseph Stalin



Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph symbolizes the tip of a flint knife, seen from the front, and the pyramid as seen by the nawal energies from the sky.

Meaning: Tijax means separation, the cut, the knife, the pyramid, the healing, and the harmonizing of any of the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and spiritual liberation in the physical body. It represents genitalia and miracles. Tijax is the nawal of doctors’ intelligence. It is the energy of synchronicity, orientation, and navigation. It is a rational, liberal strength that causes controversy. Tijax must overcome extremism, intolerance, pride, and egoism. Revelations come in the form if fleeting images. This is the best day of purifying the balance of our actions, whether positive or negative, making us atone and showing us a physical, mental, and/or spiritual map. On Tijax, one should ask Ajaw, the Great Father, for wisdom regarding minerals and crystals.
Tijax is the power of thunder and lightening. Its nawal is lightening, and this is what gives the stone named chay, or obsidian, it’s strength of form. Black and transparent, it is sharp but fragile, hard to polish, and difficult to manipulate. Once finished, however, it is highly prized for its integrity. Great diviners can see inside quartz and chay. It is the fundamental stone for diviners and warriors.
Tijax represents the cave or house where Chay, the sacrificed knife, lives in Xib’alb’ay, the underworld, and the place of punishment or flint stones. It means the obsidian knife, the double-edged knife, the strength and power if the warrior.
Symbolized by the double-edged knife, it is the image of both sides of the coin that converge at the tip where it is no longer clear where one ends and the other begins. In other words, positive in the negative and negative in the positive. However, the image itself is clear in telling is that Tijax is good when positive and extreme when negative. It had the power to cut through mysteries. It opens the way to another dimension. It also means pain, hurt, and sadness. It is the arrow or lance and brings danger.
Tijax is the power of directed thought and the strength of intelligence, the inner force of the planet, magma, the power of the volcano, the touchstone of sacred fire. It represents telluric power and its expression, whether in the form of tremors or earthquakes, and the energy of change or collapse. In other words, it is a good shaking-the strength or action we need in life to understand our true path.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Tz’i’ and their destiny sign is Kame.
Tijax are guardians of justice and healers of incurable illnesses. It is Tijax who make offerings in serious health situations. They are frail. They suffer from illness, accidents, arguments, or gossip and have to atone or make an offering so as not to be penalized. They make very good Aq’omanela (Mayan healers) and doctors, they are extraordinary surgeons. They possess great power with their hands.
They are brave, tireless, intelligent, and very good with good people. They have excellent ideas and great talent. They are rational, on one hand, and intuitive, on the other. They are imaginative dreamers and make good students.
They can be extreme; they are easily offends and can end a long relationship in the blink of an eye, although for the most part they are sensible and just. They are categorical. It is hard for them to manage love relationships because they would rather not formalize them. When they do take this step, they generally look for someone submissive because their personality is so dominant.
They can attain power and fame and amass great wealth. They enjoy luxuries and the high life. They desire everything in the world but are happy to share it. They are very kindhearted. Although traditionalists, they are open to new proposals, particularly in the area of mysticism. Their lives are filled with enriching experiences.
Social humanists, they value the things of the mind. They take on responsibilities at a young age. They are leaders and intermediaries in any situation and good at public relations, although they can be vindictive if they feel wronged.

Positive Aspects: Tijax are optimistic when faced with life’s difficulties, and they re excellent collaborators. They understand love and make friends. They may be Ajq’ijab’ (Mayan priests), spiritual guides, K’exelon (midwives). They possess good body signs and interpret signs in sacred ceremonies and dreams. They are clairvoyant, intuitive, honest, spiritual, and regimented. They take on other people’s problems as their own. They don’t like to be violent and don’t get carried away by passion.

Negative Aspects: Tijax can be angry and irascible. They sometimes choose the wrong friends and have trouble controlling their temper and vindictive tendencies. They are prone to being slanders, losing good jobs, and taking lovers. They steal or are stolen from. They don’t have much family. They are proud, sensitive, and frail.

Energy: This is the day to ask for health, to cure difficult illnesses, and to eliminate grudges and the negative energy that surrounds us. It is a good day to end negative relationships or partnerships. It is also a the day to ask for intelligence and a good memory.

Professions: Mayan doctor, gynecologist, analyst, politician, judge

Governing Body Parts: Teeth, nails, tongue

Nawal: swordfish, owl, toucan

Energy Places: Cliffs, waterfalls, caves, caverns, lightening storms

Colors: White, red, black

Complementary Signs: Tijax, Aj, Aq’ab’al, and Q’anil

Harmonious Signs: Tijax, I’x, Iq’, Kame, and Tz’i’

The Mayan Cross


Tijax has extraordinary power and strength. Because those born under its auspices have these elements in their personality, they ring unusual dedication and energy to their work. Their lives are marked by drastic changes, usually without warning, and they can be impulsive. They are destined to become warriors. It is their duty to help others with their problems, especially to cure illnesses. They are great doctors and possess a special power in their hands. It is also their duty to eliminate envy, hatred, and other negativity. The combination of these energies ensures that those born under this sign will have extraordinary spiritual experiences such as paranormal phenomena.
Tz’i’ as the conception sign connects Tijax to justice and brings them recognition as an authority. They make good lawyers or intermediaries, and they are also good judges whose decisions may be extreme but just. They have a propensity for politics and medicine and make great advisers and psychologists.
E in the right hemisphere provides fortune and wealth when Tijax are young. It also brings sudden trips and changes in residence, away from their place if origin. They will have relationships with foreigners throughout their lives, an many Tijax will marry someone from another culture or country. They brig luck to business, particularly those in which they act as a broker.
K’at in the left hemisphere indicates a life full experiences and changes. This energy is responsible for involving Tijax in other people’s problems. K’at-the net-traps them in situations where they are confronted by enemies and forced to think carefully before they act. This energy is auspicious for spiritual development and artistic expression. Tijax will have to seek a balance between their fertile imagination and reality. This is a sign that makes leaders and provides many followers.
Kame is the destiny sign and the indicator that the future protects them. Kame is death, the sign of security and ancestors. Tijax’s knife in the middle gives those born under this sign the power to cut through to curtain that shields out vision from other dimensions or realities. The knife also protects them from accidents and death. Tijax usually complete their life cycle and fulfill the purpose for which they were born.

Famous People born under Tijax: Fidel Castro, Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Sophia Loren, Louis Armstrong, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Benito Mussolini, Jules Verne

She said forget what you have seen before
What is beyond your sight are falling ashes of lies
Revert to true reality that is located behind your eyes
Touch the creation from whence it dawned
And just relax, just believe
No different are you from the land and stars
The confusion will blister and the pains will ache
As the rivers never cease to flow
They travel far though they always come back around
Just dream, just remain
The door you desire stands locked before you
While the door you need resides ajar beyond you
With your unsteady footing and your quivering hands
Besiege the foe’s words in the back of your mind
Just reach and this will wash away
Just reach and this will wash away

I would like to take a little time out from the posts on the Mayan signs. My blog will be a representation of what I think people need to hear but also an outlet for my inner self. I will be sharing my own writings to that of others; quotes, poems, discussions, of that which has helped me or sprung up a revelation or a new way of thinking. I hope some of it brings something to you as it did for me. So, here is some of my work.

Life Becoming

This life unexpected and twisted
Like enemies sleeping so close their dreams intertwine
Beset by my own remorse, I heed my own fate
Withering from uncertainty I sometimes become astray
Through buried valiance my vision is less obscure
For I do not write my own fate
I do not credit all to thyself
What would I have become then?
I did not expect the journey to be free from hardships
And given the chance with an instrument to mend troubles
Is to use an instrument of war
Annihilating the core of my physical existence
The element that which makes me, myself
To which my footsteps have not been rendered unnoticed
There’s a trepidation scorching rigidly in my heart
To where this path leads, I do not know
And at times I remain dissociated to what’s within
That which connects me to all that I surround
That which gave me a beginning and breathe
Will I discover what lies behind the illusion?
The continually exhausting search for knowledge
From where I find answers to questions, I could not
At times it burns to relinquish the sorrows of being lost
But that valiance? you ask; that warrior spirit
It is concealed so deep within the walls of dubiety
Though I can sense it, from the past I can remember
Shall it reign is foreseen unknown
If not and I perish like those who have failed before
I ask you this, my friend, once again
What would I have become then?


Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph symbolizes learning. The drawing in the middle represents the brain, and the circles are degrees of increasing human spiritual betterment.

Meaning: No’j turns knowledge and experience into wisdom. It is the connection between the Universal Cosmic Mind and the human mind-intellect, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual learning. It is the energy that governs the mind, knowledge, and memory. It also governs education, the humanities, and psychology. It is the interaction between expansion and the infinite, on the one hand, and on they other, the rigid concept of reality, the limitations imposed in humans. It symbolizes the movement of Earth and Sky. It is the power of thoughts and ideas, the brain, development, and earthquakes.
Nobility is the greatest virtue of No’j. This day champions all virtues, particularly patience, prudence, and sublime love. Renunciation brings clarity. Nobility leads to power; this is the sign’s greatest challenge.
No’j is the guide to life a long as all experience and knowledge are imparted into wisdom. Wisdom belongs to Ajaw, the Great Father. According to the Maya, no single person is wise. Humans must therefore consult Ajaw by means of the Mayan ceremony and the tz’ite divinatory technique using the seeds from the coral tree. People have good ideas but aren’t wise and therefore need to meet as a council in order to share them, develop theories, and ask Ajaw for wisdom. The Elders meet as a council under the protection of No’j.
No’j brings the power communication in both day-to-day matters and the sublime as manifested through are. This communication is intergalactic and interdimensional. No’j involves the mystery of najt, the Mayan concept of space-time. We can journey in space and time through the subtle instrument of the mind, thus providing advanced spirits with a plenitude of action and awareness.
Great sages and practitioners of white magic have been born under this sign, most notably the heirs to the great lineage of Kukulkan, one of the greatest spiritual guides in the ancestral world. This sign activates the positive side if the spirit if this dimension bit is the reality of the transparency of contents in invisible space. It contains synchronicity, the great vibration, and collective memory.

Characteristics: people born on this day have the conception sign Toj and their destiny sign Kan.
No’j possess the qualities of wisdom and intelligence. They are Aq’omanela (Mayan healers), Ajq’ijab (Mayan priests) and diviners. They are brave and prudent and have good body signs. They are extremely trusting and don’t realize when others want to hurt them. They convey a sense of security.
No’j is one of the most noble and preserving signs in terms of love. They are good natured an understanding in marriage. They are faithful by nature, enjoy calm relationships, and give their partner room to develop.
They make good students and fight for justice. Although conservative, they break from tradition by fighting for their forward thinking ideas. They are idealists and dreamers. Their greatest challenge is to come back down to reality. No’j were born to initiate change. They are visionaries and prophets of the new way of life, and so deep down they aren’t happy with the status quo. Their existence is marked by clarity of being and the search for the profound. If one word could describe them, it would be “knowledge.”
Great seekers of their own truth, they are tireless investigators and avid readers. Eventually, they use art to communicate and express things that can’t be put into words. They need to transform and allow for self-reflection and growth. They are less thought and more action. They will grow by taking knowledge and making it wisdom.

Positive Aspects: No’j are merchants and Aq’omanela. Those born on 12 No’j are great defenders if justice. They are prudent and studious. Good artists, their sports are lifted by music and the visual arts. Noble, idealistic, and romantic, their most notable characteristic is service to others and a deep concern for children and the elderly.

Negative Aspects: No’j may hurts others with their extreme honesty. They lack the self-awareness to achieve their goals. They are very conceited and proud, slow to act, frail, angry, imposing, arrogant, individualistic, verbose, and inflexible.

Energy: This is a very good day for nourishing the mind, improving memory, and asking questions of the sacred ceremonial fire. It is also a good day to ask for body signs, to harmonize relationships, to request clarity, and especially to turn knowledge and experience into wisdom.

Professions: artist, doctor, spiritual guide, mathematics

Governing Body Parts: Brain, pineal gland

Nawal: coyote, woodpecker

Energy Places: tropical forests, woodlands, lakes, mountains, clouds

Colors: dark blue, light blue

Complementary Signs: No’j, E, Iq’, and Kej

Harmonious Signs: No’j, Aj, Imox, Kan, and Toj

The Mayan Cross


No’j have a special virtue: this is the sign of learning that leads to wisdom. The lives of those born under this sign are graced with nobility and extreme trust. Life will be extremely easy for them in a material sense; No’j attain financial well-being without much effort. Study and reading are the main tools they use to achieve their purpose in life. They have a strong tendency toward simplicity, too much excess can complicate their lives. Their view of the world is idealistic. They seek community, peace, and balance. This sign blazes trails; the adjacent energies provide courage and power.
Toj as the conception sign indicates an emotional suffering mainly during childhood. It is difficult for No’j to find their place. They wish that the illusion and protection afforded by their early years had never been shattered. Encounters from strangers may have been frightening during this period. This life is a direct result of their previous life, where all of their suffering and atonement began, even if they are honorable and upstanding now.
B’atz’ in the right hemisphere endows No’j with special growth in the arts and great manual dexterity. They tend toward writing, music, and painting. They make very good doctors, surgeons, and psychiatrists and are successful with ancestral and alternative forms of medicine. The interaction between B’atz’ and No’j results in a strong, analytical mind. The thirst for knowledge stays with them throughout life. They are particularly interested in philosophy and anything to do with new technology. Their artistic expression requires nurturing to evolve.
Aq’ab’al in the left hemisphere brings many changes, especially on a spiritual level. No’j needs to focus their attention on one discipline in order not to waste their energy. Aq’ab’al is the sign of changing opportunities. The greatest experiences in life for No’j come through travel and, above all, contact with nature. No’j is a rejuvenating, changeable sign that needs to make an effort to settle down and have a base.
Kan as the destiny sign provides a great deal of energy for No’j. The power of their inner fire is manifested in the sexuality, alternating between times of extreme action and others of great calm. Ruled by No’j, they tend toward romanticism and have many platonic lovers. They will always find a partner who is more realistic, someone who is their compass in life.

Famous People but under No’j: Ronaldinho, Richard Gere, Alfred Hitchcock, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Jay Leno, Barbara Walters, Joseph Barbera


Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph signifies the mind in a state of forgiveness and illumination. It is a brain with rays, lines of expansion, reaching out in all directions.

Meaning: Ajmaq is a favorable day to ask for and receive forgiveness, to manage harmony and discord, and to focus on the word, the message, ancestral lines, and the energy that emanates from living bodies, called an aura.
This day brings an energy that is the mother of all mistakes, offenses, and lack of responsibility before Ajaw, the Great Father, and all manifestations of life and creation. Our Grandfathers said that sin is a direct offense against Ajaw.
Ajmaq is forgiveness and a day of introspection. In antiquity it was a day to stay home and reflect on one’s acts and their consequences, whether intentional or unintentional. On that day, one would go out only to make an offering, to ask forgiveness from those who had been wronged, or to go to the ceremonies and listen to the traditions. The summing up of their lives in general and the last winal (twenty days) in particular was a way for Classic Mayans to maintain balance. They asked Mother Earth to forgive their abuses and gave thanks for the benefits they had received. This was this day when the great sages would share their teachings with the whole community and the community could speak with the Elders.
Ajmaq is Earth, the spirit of our Grandfathers. Maq is a like a curtain smoke that hides from te presence of Ajaw. It is a planetary awareness and outer space. It represents our Grandfathers and ancestral wisdom. In the eyes of the Grandfathers, the greatest error and irresponsibility-maq-is not believing in Ajaw and not serving or remembering Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth. It is a day that reminds us of and connects us to a universal vision as well as to our own reality. On this day, we can delve deeper into the purpose and direction of our lives. It is a day when questions arise and we explore the wonder and mystery of our expression as individuals. It is a day to remember our Grandfathers, our ancestors, and Mother Earth in her manifestation as the protector an procuress of humanity, she who always forgives. It is sweet honey.
The energy of Aj is the experience and virtue of a long walk through life. It is represented by old age, which does not have the same meaning as it does in the West. To become an Elder in the Mayan works one must have completed 4 cycles of 13 years and thus met be 52 years old.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Q’anil, and their destiny sign is K’at.
Ajmaq may be Mayan doctors. They are likely to have a long, healthy life. They are analytical, shrewd, quiet, and able to keep secrets. They have the virtue of taking life slowly and reaching their goals. They have a special talent for getting along well with everyone. They are very sweet and have many long relationships. In the Yucatecan tradition, the energy of Kib’, which means candle, was created on this day and means inner light, the divine spark in the infinite interior of our body.
Ajmaq have a sting personality and quick temper. Although they embody duality of curiosity and prudence, it is not unusual for then to have vices. Their essence is impenetrable, though they appear to be open and direct. They aspire to be sincere but often shift blame onto others. Deep down, they are insecure.
Given the importance of this energy, those born under this sign are sentient, sensitive, and potentially prone to depression. Their greatest challenge is to accept other people’s faults. Luckily, they often live a long life, and this allows them to gradually accept other ways of being. They can be extreme and get caught in religious fundamentalism.
Maq is Wuqub’ Qak’ix (the Seven Sins): pride, ambition, envy, lies, crime, ingratitude, and ignorance.

Positive Aspects: Ajmaq have the courage to solve problems. They have a talent for mixing with all types of people and acting as their defenders. They dominate cosmic force. They are analytical and accountable for their actions. They ask the Grandfathers and Grandmothers who have already come back to the truth to grant them intelligence and show them the proper path to follow. They are strong in both the material and spiritual sense.

Negative Aspects: Ajmaq blame others for their bad behavior. They are frail, undisciplined, jealous, and irresponsible. They are liars and have a strong personality. They are likely to have vices and to cause problems in the home, and try tend to be unfaithful to their partner.

Energy: Ajmaq is the most auspicious day to ask for and offer forgiveness, atone for our sins, an avoid confrontation. It is also a good day to cute all types of illnesses, defend the dispossessed, seek justice, and achieve harmony with Mother Earth.

Professions: strategists, politician, mathematician, orator, doctor, public relations, accountant, lawyer, international jurists

Governing Body Part: Genitalia, aura

Nawal: owl, bee, insects

Energy Places: Caves, caverns, streams, oceans

Colors: Gray, black, white

Complementary Signs: Ajmaq, B’atz’, Imox, and Kame

Harmonious Signs: Ajmaq, E, Ajpu, K’at, and Q’anil

The Mayan Cross


Ajmaq influences those born under this sign to quite curious. This life is a direct consequence of their previous lives, and this is a new opportunity to discover the path to comprehensive evolution. Their challenge is to not get lost in the illusion of the material world and instead to expose their inner light. Few signs have the opportunity that Ajmaq have to let their inner light shine and the power to understand themselves. It is also the sign most likely to bring many changes and to provide many wake up calls. Deep down they are aware of their life purpose, but this doesn’t mean it is easy for them to find their way. Their power comes from inner strength and the ability to take control of any situation. This only makes them seem more mysterious to others. If they awaken their conscience, they will be high ranking public servants with a strong social conscience and spiritual balance. They will become defenders of the people. Their life, which is generally long, is about finding balance and making use of their intense experiences.
Q’anil as the conception sign provides the seed that will grow slowly but steadily, and this is reflected in all aspects of life for Ajmaq. They have a special duty to children and plants; working with either of these is the most beneficial for balancing cause and effect. They get along and communicate much better with other people’s children than their own. They are well suited to planning projects and being able to carry them out.
Tz’i’ in the right hemisphere indicates a tendency toward material law, which benefits Ajmaq in financial terms. They do very well in banking and financing. They can also be distinguished litigators. Their right hand has the power and authority to cure many illnesses, they may specialize in alternative medicine.
Iq’ in the left hemisphere catalyzes the depths of the mind, resulting in a very profound and focused intelligence. It also manifests in Ajaw as a tendency toward exploring the mysteries of spirituality, which leads to an expansive mind an universal awareness.
K’at as the destiny sign provides challenges and entanglements. This energy always influences the future with uncertainty. The task for Ajmaq in their later years is to have learned from all of the entanglements and intense experiences try have faced in life. Their curiosity and K’at’s influence combine to create an alliance that is hard to control. It is difficult to keep them from becoming involved in other people’s problems b

Famous People born under Ajmaq: Arthur C. Clarke, Bob Dylan, Anthony Hopkins, Valentino, Truman Capote, Marlon Brando, Reggie Jackson, Pablo Picasso

Mayan Sign: I’x


Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph signifies the heart of the planet, the feminine reproductive organs, the face of the jaguar, and points on the map of Mother Earth.

Meaning: I’x is the jaguar or tiger, signifying feminine and feline energy. It represents the four B’alameb’ (Men-Gods), intelligence, the strength of Mother Earth, the power of the jungle, and the protective spirit of hills, plains and mountains.
Signifying the creative forces in the universe, I’x is the day of high magic. This energy develops higher powers. Great magicians and prophets are born under its auspices. It provides innate intuition and curiosity. Those born under this sign could practice magic-scientific techniques. It is particularly favorable of divination. The power of this sign mediates between the real and unreal, the positive and negative, the possible and the impossible. It is therefore referred to as the Day of Magicians. Psychic powers and abilities are favored on this day.
Of all the signs I’x expands the mind the most, providing the strength to reach the highest level of consciousness. This strength, combined with mental acuity, benefits the highest level of mysticism.
I’x is reap resented by the jaguar, an Ajpop (higher diety) of the American jungle. It is related to strength, power, astuteness, and firmness. The mythical Men-Gods who led humanity were the four B’alameb’, or jaguars, regents if this sign, who saved and guided the Mayan world 12,000 years ago.
It is a special day for spiritual and community guides to ask for strength and positive energy and for a good life for all animals. It is a day on which to ask Ajaw, the Great Father, for good crops. The day’s energy is related it to sensitivity; it is therefore auspicious to establish good relationships based on clarity.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Kan, and their destiny sign is Iq’.
I’x are strong, brave, energetic and passionate. They rule in love and can always find someone to fulfill their desires. Feminine energy favors development of magic powers. They have a knack for raising animals and farming. They are warriors and dreamers. They have an excellent imagination. They are changeable, easily distracted, and quick to make decisions. They are brave risk-takers, and their destiny in unpredictable. They possess a physical strength and power that make them especially resilient.
Their energy is totally feline and this makes women born under this sign especially feminine. They are natural hunters, both loved and feared. They make protective fathers and the love the security that family provides.
If there is one word that describes them well it is “astute.” Although Rey are somewhat daring and never show their anxiety, they are always realistic and prudent. They have a strong personality. They keep their problems to themselves and have difficulty sharing them.

Positive Aspects: I’x are able and agile in their actions. They possess the strength and energy to meditate. They love being popular. Highland traditions can be good for them. They are interested in success, possess good health, and have the courage to confront any of life’s difficulties. They can be Ajq’ijab (Mayan Priests).

Negative Aspects: I’x are presumptuous, vain, quick tempered, and proud. They like to be the center of attention, seeking fame and success. They love power and are willing to do anything to attain it, which can unbalance their energy and quickly derail them on the path of life. They can hurt others if they aren’t careful. They can be arrogant, resentful, foolish, and fickle.
They are influenced by the nawal of the Seven Sins, or Wuqub’ Qak’ix: pride, ambition, envy, lies, crime, ingratitude, and ignorance.

Energy: This day has a special powers to change negative aspects. It is a day on which to withdraw, meditate, and reconsider life, to formulate a new strategy, and to solve problems. It is also a good day for inner strength and for magic and handling occult forces.

Professions: Warrior, philosopher, mathematician, doctor

Governing Body Parts: Muscles, nerves

Nawal: Jaguar

Energy Places: Jungles, ceremonial centers, step pyramids

Colors: Yellow, brown

Complementary Signs: I’x, Kawoq, K’at, and Toj.

Harmonious Signs: I’x, Tijax, Iq’, Kame, and Tz’i’

The Mayan Cross


I’x is the sign of great mystics and powerful magicians. The first Fathers of humanity govern this sign. The virtues and sense of magic of those born under this sign are therefore demonstrated throughout their lives, even if they try to reject or deny this talent. As pragmatists, they hesitate to disrupt the status quo.
Kame a the conception sign indicates continuity from a previous life connected to their ancestors. This sign is drawn to what is old and allows I’x to successfully look inside themselves. It provides extraordinary intuition: they must follow their instincts in order for their undertakings to go well. Protected by higher, inter-dimensional beings, great knowledge is revealed to them in dreams. They are an object if envy and a betrayal among their own sex. They will have to find alliances with the opposite sex, which understands ten better.
Q’anil in the right hemisphere directs there energy toward agriculture. Everything I’x plant bears fruit, even if its not immediately apparent. Those born under this sign who want to start their own business would do best to partner with someone who has a complementary sign. I’x are able to embark on new ventures successfully, but others need to see them through. They will have problems with young people throughout their lives; they are likely to have few children, and only later in life although this could change if their partner if very fertile.
Ajpu in the left hemisphere is an energy that passes tests, particularly ones of spiritual nature. In Mayan mythology, the twins Jun Ajpu and Ixb’alamke, the beginning and masculine and feminine energy, went down to the underworld and passed the tests set for them by the Lords of Xib’alb’ay. This day brings certainty, security, and the achievement of goals, provided the mind doesn’t play tricks and engender doubt. People involved with I’x, particularly in love relationships, must be very patient because they can highly suspicious and demanding, even obsessive. They will always find someone willing to serve then and satisfy their pleasures. They need their achievements to be recognized and complimented.
Iq’ as the destiny sign feeds their mind and imagination, making them particularly intelligent. That intelligence will grow if they let imagination run free, although they have a tendency to over think or fabricate b

Famous People born under I’x: Richard Nixon, Arnold, Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Paul Newman, David Blaine, Viggo Mortensen, Ernest Hemingway, Julie Andrews

Mayan Sign: Aj


Significance of the Kab’awil: The vertical lines or stalks at the top of this glyph that only come part way down signify spiritual growth. The horizontal line, symbolizing multiplication and the horizon, is an altar table, and the sacred trees, such as he ceiba and coral tree, with their roots, trunk, and canopy, also represent the table or altar.

Meaning: Aj represented by sugarcane and cornstalks, symbolizes the strength of power. It means abundance and the renewal of nature in order to be in harmony with others. It is a pillar that connects cosmic and telluric energies. It is unity, power and the seven virtues of the divine power: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, and the Center. Aj is also clairvoyance, sacred words, love of harmony, telepathy, body signs, unexpected dreams, and sacred knowledge of sex.
Aj symbolizes Grandmother Ixmukane’s first rite before the cornstalks, when she cried for some sign of life from her grandsons Jun Ajpu and Ixb’alamke, who were alive in the underworld, Xib’alb’ay. It is triumph over evil and bad spirits. It is the triumph of life over death.
Aj is the sacred staff that symbolizes both earthly and divine authority, providing leadership and autocracy, and the posts that hold up a house, the pillars of strength. It is make strength and conviction combined with poise and communication par excellence during difficult times.
The sugarcane crop is the community that provides abundance, the sweetness of knowing how to grow by sharing. It is the return home, the place of origin, the tab’al, or sacred Mayan altar, the place where higher energies converge and manifest. Aj also represents the spinal column, developing the internal serpent of fire that moves and awakens secret strength. It activates the power that results in heroic acts.
Aj cultivates the knowledge of human nature gained through joint, community work. It personifies integrity, honesty, and rectitude. It is the mother of confidentiality and purity and had characteristics of cosmic expansion.
This sign deals with ethics, prudence, and morality. Aj invokes simplicity and justice as the path to life harmony. It is a sign of prestige and status, bringing the energy needed to attain the sublime.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Kan, and their destiny sign is Imox.
Aj are masters of knowledge, Ajq’ijab (Mayan priests) and K’exelon (midwives). They understand the physical. With hard work, they can develop the ability to receive spiritual messages.
They are readers, researchers, and scholars. They seek refinement and education, becoming great academics. They are intelligent, strong, and persevering. Their search for perfection is a great asset but could also be their greatest obstacle. They suffer but succeed in the end, achieving the goals try set for themselves. Those born under this sign attain prestige and renown. Great politicians, statesmen, and psychologists born under this sign have gone down in history as a result of their honesty and good work. They are deep thinkers by nature.

Positive Aspects: Aj possess sacred knowledge and strong spiritual power. They are cheerful and decisive and able to take secrets to the grave. With their respect for plants and others species, they make good farmers. They are trustworthy at home with their family and love their children. They are great moralists, always thinking about the rules. They need to be constantly stimulated and easily lose interest if they are not. They may hold public office or attain senior positions within their profession and will be known as authorities.

Negative Aspects: Some Aj may live in poverty. Their lives are changeable, and their powerful emotions can result in great sadness and pain. They are often ill during childhood, but not as adults. They like to test their fellow men. They are obsessive and angry, not very sensible, insensitive in some situations, proud, and gluttonous.

Energy: This day protects the home, plants, and animals. It brings good weather and good harvests, and it bears fruit. It is the energy that brings rebirth, return to home, a sign of life. Aj facilitates the renewal of nature in order to be in harmony with others.

Professions: Artist, counselor, educator, poet

Governing Body Part: Spinal column

Nawal: Armadillo

Energy Places: Beaches, lowland forests

Colors: Brown, white

Complementary Signs: Tijax, Aq’ab’al, and Q’anil

Harmonious Signs: No’j, Imox, Kan, and Toj

The Mayan Cross


Aj represents authority. Those born under this sign are often known throughout life as experts in their field. However, they are usually the power behind the throne, preferring to void the spotlight. These people will always have a special connection to their place of birth. They love the Earth and nature. Their lives are almost always successful, though not without obstacles. The combination of these energies result in a certain seriousness, although deep down they are somewhat eccentric. Others often find them strange. This perception does not distract them from earnestly pursuing their work, which can lead them to be obsessive. The mind plays a big role in Aj. Their brains are always working, and they like to delve in the mysteries of psychology.
Kan as the conception sign will bring additional, boundless energy. This sign is associated with the eternal search for knowledge. The greatest weakness of Aj is their sexual energy-their sensuality in particular. They must keep their spinal column flexible, for their energy seeks to be channeled. They will develop paranormal powers if they are able to use their internal energy. Self-discipline is their closest ally. Kan in this position indicates a spirit that is far along the path and needs to live intensely in order to grow. This intensity makes Aj either very desired or very disliked.
Kej in the right hemisphere provides exceptional imagination and inspiration. It tempers Aj’s usual pragmatism. Kej makes those born under Aj sensitive to art, particularly music and painting. They have an equal understanding of the feminine and masculine visions.
Kawoq in the left hemisphere influences the tendency to make big plans as well as to seek social justice and work for the well being of all. Aj are emotionally dependent on their partners and maintain strong ties with their family. Family comes first, and despite their sexual appetite, they seek fidelity. Family and close friends respect them.
Imox as they destiny sign creates conflict for Aj with their inner personality, manifesting as nonconformity. This sign brings unrestrained impulsiveness, and this enriches Aj’s lives with unusual experiences and make them particularly intrigued with mysticism, though they do not make this the focus of their life given their affinity for pragmatism and provable facts. Aj are passionate about the countryside, and this is where they will become highly spiritual and refined.

Famous People born under Aj: Barack Obama, Larry King, Quentin Tarantino, Maria Callas, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung

Mayan Sign: E


Significance of the Kab’awil: The upper right-hand side of this glyph signifies the ear, the path. The dots are stones placed alongside the path.

Meaning: E symbolizes the path of destiny, travel, the road of life, the guide, and the means. The how and what of the journey called life is the energy of action; that which moves us toward a precise objective, it is the part of life that searches for realization in every situation and aspect in life. E represents the stairs between the world, the overworld, and the underworld. It indicates where to walk. It also symbolizes the staircase and individual steps on the spiritual path, represented by teeth. E lays out the vertical and horizontal lines we need to follow as individuals and as members of society.
E is the strength, power, and energy a person possesses for undertaking journeys, jobs, commissions-anything having to do with human realization. It is the sacred way, Saq B’e (the White Road), purity, and the second level. The White Road leads from one temple to another, from one city or ceremonial center to another.
E is the unfolding of history, which begins with B’atz and ends with Tz’i’. E provides action. It is intermediation, it is the search for what is new yet similar between different visions, and it brings an innate, innovative strength.
E guides and protects merchants. After diplomats and wise men, merchants were next to walk along the roads. This energy satisfies their needs once they have gone the distance.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign of K’at and their destiny sign is Ajpu.
E are Ajq’ijab (Mayan priests), leaders, diplomats, and political experts. They are travelers and make good guides and successful merchants. They are natural leaders and great storytellers and orators. Very sensitive, they like to surround themselves with works of art; with focus and hard work, they can become great artists.
They are skilled at the art of conversation. They know something about everything, like history, and are always respected. They are obedient, resolute, and brave and share their wealth with the community. They are highly creative and self-motivated. They have an adventurous, restless spirit, needing to move and travel frequently and take risks. They are speculators, constantly changing their opinions. They are very noble, particularly with children and younger generations, and they share their experience and wisdom. They are deeply understanding, tolerant, and kindhearted, and they genuinely care for their fellow man.
This sign is one of the luckiest in love. Those born under it need several relationships throughout life and aren’t exactly the most faithful people. When they are comfortable and free of pressure, however, they feel no need for extramarital affairs, and home is where they are happiest. They generally make good parents. Despite being very communicative, they are actually quite vulnerable and distrustful beneath their out shell.

Positive Aspects: E are generous, kindhearted, resolute, understanding, cheerful, and affectionate. They readily and immediately help other and are happy to show them the proper path. They ask Ajaw for whatever other people need and are sincere. They make good Ajq’ijab and may become K’amol B’ey (community guides).

Negative Aspects: E can argue ideology with their enemies. They have a tendency to see the negative side of actions and events. They are prone to serious illnesses. They may envy those who are wealthy. They are manipulative and are not very trustworthy, using negative strategies to get what they want. They are liars and tend toward infidelity.

Energy: This is the best day to begin any type of business or negotiation or to sign a contract. It is an auspicious day to begin a trip, whether long or short. It is a very good day for communication, especially abroad, and for receiving news about loved ones who live elsewhere.

Professions: Merchant, administrator, mathematician, broker, salesperson, real estate agent, art or antique dealer, philosopher, psychologist, chef.

Governing Body Part: Sole of the foot

Nawal: Wildcat

Energy Places: Mountains, highlands forest, rivers

Colors: white, light blue

Complementary Signs: E, No’j, Iq’ and Kej

Harmonious Signs: E, Ajmaq, Ajpu, K’at, and Q’anil

The Mayan Cross


E makes excellent merchants and brokers. Their people skills and attention to detail inspire confidence, as does their positive attitude. In Mayan mythology, E is the second step in creation. It is the creative action where the infinite path of time finds a space in which to manifest. The image is one of naturally achieving balance and harmony. It gives those born under this sign a deep sense of spirituality. It is destiny, the path of life, and E are great travelers on the sacred path. They are facilitators and bringers of news.
E provides a special gift for understanding all of the arts relating to divination. Males should surround themselves with feminine energy that extols their virtues, while women should surround themselves with masculine energy, where they will find true friendship. E are often very well informed about other cultures. They are not usually prophets in their own land. Life for them is better lived outside their place of birth.
K’at as the conception sign speaks of a life governed by previous lives is the reason for entanglements and obstacles E face throughout life. This same energy, however, also helps them crystallize their purpose.
Kame in the right hemisphere denotes an old soul inclined toward the past and all things ancestral. It opens good communication with other dimensions. E will be respected later in life. They are protected from accidents and illnesses and feel confident about taking risks. They are surrounded by a halo of mystery and have great magnetism.
Tijax in the left hemisphere indicates that E may be able to pull aside the veil of secret knowledge. Tijax’s energy protects them from those who seek to deceive, telling them when to withdraw from a bad situation. It also makes them categorical when making decisions, which may be impulsive. The nawal energy is the double-edged knife-half positive, half negative. E have to find balance in order to make use of their strength.
Ajpu as the destiny sign means E will find certainty and rest later in life, after a great deal of agitation, emotion, and travel in the younger years. This energy provides them with security and stability they will manage to overcome the obstacles and tests that life places in their path.

Famous People born under E: Stevie Wonder, Yitzhak Rabin, Anne Frank, David Beckham, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr.


Significance of the Kab’awil: The top part of this glyph is a cone that has time rolled up into it. The cone descends to a triangle, which represents our dimension, and then to the sphere of the Earth, passing through the angles, which are two polarities, masculine and feminine.

Meaning: B’atz’ is the start of life, infinite time, and unity. Spiritual connections are history interwoven with time. This sign symbolizes cosmic phenomena and original wisdom. B’atz’ is the diety that created Earth and Sky, the Creator of life and wisdom. B’atz’ signifies the time it takes for a child to develop in the womb. The tz’ite (divine coral tree) that represents Ajq’ijab (Mayan sun priests) contains 260 seeds, representing the 9 moons or 9 months of pregnancy. B’atz’ presides over the future.
This sign symbolizes time unraveled, evolution, and human life. The Maya depict time as a thread wound around a giant reed underneath the Earth. This thread is unraveled as time goes by. History is woven from time.
Before the Maya used thread, they wove with pop, or palm, and thus the Popol Vuh was originally called the Pop Vuh. This sign indicates that time has unraveled, giving us life and existence. This is why they are happy and dance around the fire from right to left during sacred ceremony, until they have circled it 13 times. When the ceremony is about to end, they dance around the fire another 13 times, from left to right, winding up the spool of time again. This symbolizes our love and desire for more life. Ajaw, the Great Father, is movement and dance is movement. The Creators and Makers tossed a thread to the end of the universe, folded it and threw it back.
Climbing plants represent vegetation and signify unity and infinite time. B’atz’ unite men and women and governs marriage. It also symbolizes the umbilical cord. It is the start of life, infinite time, intelligence, and wisdom.

Characteristics: people born on this day have the conception sign Aq’ab’al and their destiny sign is Kawoq.
B’atz’ is the sign of great planners- people with a comprehensive, futuristic outlook. They make excellent doctors who tend to combine natural or ancestral medicine with new technology by this ability to combine the old with the new influences all aspects of their life, although deep down the are conservative.
Great seekers of harmony, they tend toward any of the arts. They are planters of corn, orators, musicians, weavers, painters, sculptors, singers, poets and writers. They are also great lovers of nature. People born under B’atz’ may become Ajq’ijab, K’exelon (midwives), or spiritual guides. They are tenacious and achieve their goals with hard work. They are creative, superstitious, amusing, sensitive, and passionate.
They are demanding in love, seeking the perfect partner, and therefore tend to become quickly disenchanted. Once they find their mate, however, the try to protect that union under all costs.
As adults, thy achieve success and prestige. They normally have a splendid future, attaining a level of comfort and material wealth through hard work.

Positive Aspects: B’atz’ are calm and frequently solve their problems easily. Ajaw listens to these people. Their judgements are accurate. They are generous, active, dynamic, and good defenders of the people. They are organized, they posses spiritual strength, and their ideas flow. They have a strong personality, and their actions are well defined. They have a deep love of family.
The Mayan New Year is celebrated on Waqxaqi’B’atz’, or 8 B’atz’, the day of masculine energy, while B’eleje’B’atz’, or 9 B’atz’, is the day of Mayan women and nature as a whole.

Negative Aspects: B’atz’ have a strong, difficult personality. They are proud, arrogant, and insecure and may ridicule others in order to make themselves feel superior. They are ignorant, ruthless and overbearing.

Energy: This sign is the best day for marriage. It is also a good day to put things in order or to start planning a project. It is the day that protects artists and an auspicious day to ask for good crops. It is a good day to solve family problems.

Professions: Artist, dancer, Mayan priest, midwife, physical therapists, chiropractor, matchmaker, obstetrician/gynecologist, ecologist.

Governing Body Parts: Blood Vessels

Nawal: Monkey

Energy Places: Forests, lakes, the clear night sky

Colors: Red, orange

Complementary Signs: B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Kawoq, Imox, and Kame are truly complementary signs. They make the best relationships in terms of love and business. They become lifelong friends.

Harmonious Signs: B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Kawoq, Kej and Aq’ab’al are harmonious signs. They combine good energy and there is rarely any conflict between them. They sometimes make good friendships or lasting love relationships.

The Mayan Cross


B’atz’ are community-oriented later in life, in both service and scope. Family is very important to them, although they and their relatives don’t always understand one another. The greatest obstacles of their personal growth are ego and avarice. At times they are detached from from the material and financial and therefore need to learn balance. Their nawal is the monkey, which signifies wisdom in many cultures. It is said that being near a person with this sign brings great fortune. In Mayan mythology, the first divine twins were Jun B’atz’ and Jun Chowen, whose names translate to One Monkey and One Artisan, respectively. Both were great sages and the fathers of fine art, but they succumbed to their egomania. Duality marks this sign. B’atz’ are children of the night. This is when they are energized and feel a sense of freedom. They have a great deal of sexual energy and can be tempted to act on strong passions or violent sexual impulses. Writing is their most natural form of expression. Great strategists with strong mental acuity have been born under this sign.
Having Aq’ab’al as their conception sign means that they will grow spiritually. This life is a product of their past. Now they have a new opportunity and must take advantage of it. Life will bring many changes. The energy of Aq’ab’al has one foothold in the past and another in the future. The greatest problem for B’atz’ will be to find themselves in the present. They will always appear young and ready for adventure.
Kan in the right hemisphere brings additional strength and energy. The inner fire it brings to B’atz’ can be their greatest virtue or vice. Their right hand will work incredible healing miracles. They tend to lose a lot of sexual energy, magnetism, and power over material things.
No’j in the left hemisphere brings nobility and a spiritual nature. The knowledge that B’atz’ acquire throughout life will become wisdom.

Famous People born under B’atz’: Dustin Hoffman, Jacques Cousteau, Sean Connery, Stanley Kubrick, Neil Armstrong, Robert De Niro, Joan Miró, Harrison Ford, Serena Williams