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Her Voice

She said forget what you have seen before
What is beyond your sight are falling ashes of lies
Revert to true reality that is located behind your eyes
Touch the creation from whence it dawned
And just relax, just believe
No different are you from the land and stars
The confusion will blister and the pains will ache
As the rivers never cease to flow
They travel far though they always come back around
Just dream, just remain
The door you desire stands locked before you
While the door you need resides ajar beyond you
With your unsteady footing and your quivering hands
Besiege the foe’s words in the back of your mind
Just reach and this will wash away
Just reach and this will wash away


I would like to take a little time out from the posts on the Mayan signs. My blog will be a representation of what I think people need to hear but also an outlet for my inner self. I will be sharing my own writings to that of others; quotes, poems, discussions, of that which has helped me or sprung up a revelation or a new way of thinking. I hope some of it brings something to you as it did for me. So, here is some of my work.

Life Becoming

This life unexpected and twisted
Like enemies sleeping so close their dreams intertwine
Beset by my own remorse, I heed my own fate
Withering from uncertainty I sometimes become astray
Through buried valiance my vision is less obscure
For I do not write my own fate
I do not credit all to thyself
What would I have become then?
I did not expect the journey to be free from hardships
And given the chance with an instrument to mend troubles
Is to use an instrument of war
Annihilating the core of my physical existence
The element that which makes me, myself
To which my footsteps have not been rendered unnoticed
There’s a trepidation scorching rigidly in my heart
To where this path leads, I do not know
And at times I remain dissociated to what’s within
That which connects me to all that I surround
That which gave me a beginning and breathe
Will I discover what lies behind the illusion?
The continually exhausting search for knowledge
From where I find answers to questions, I could not
At times it burns to relinquish the sorrows of being lost
But that valiance? you ask; that warrior spirit
It is concealed so deep within the walls of dubiety
Though I can sense it, from the past I can remember
Shall it reign is foreseen unknown
If not and I perish like those who have failed before
I ask you this, my friend, once again
What would I have become then?