Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph symbolizes learning. The drawing in the middle represents the brain, and the circles are degrees of increasing human spiritual betterment.

Meaning: No’j turns knowledge and experience into wisdom. It is the connection between the Universal Cosmic Mind and the human mind-intellect, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual learning. It is the energy that governs the mind, knowledge, and memory. It also governs education, the humanities, and psychology. It is the interaction between expansion and the infinite, on the one hand, and on they other, the rigid concept of reality, the limitations imposed in humans. It symbolizes the movement of Earth and Sky. It is the power of thoughts and ideas, the brain, development, and earthquakes.
Nobility is the greatest virtue of No’j. This day champions all virtues, particularly patience, prudence, and sublime love. Renunciation brings clarity. Nobility leads to power; this is the sign’s greatest challenge.
No’j is the guide to life a long as all experience and knowledge are imparted into wisdom. Wisdom belongs to Ajaw, the Great Father. According to the Maya, no single person is wise. Humans must therefore consult Ajaw by means of the Mayan ceremony and the tz’ite divinatory technique using the seeds from the coral tree. People have good ideas but aren’t wise and therefore need to meet as a council in order to share them, develop theories, and ask Ajaw for wisdom. The Elders meet as a council under the protection of No’j.
No’j brings the power communication in both day-to-day matters and the sublime as manifested through are. This communication is intergalactic and interdimensional. No’j involves the mystery of najt, the Mayan concept of space-time. We can journey in space and time through the subtle instrument of the mind, thus providing advanced spirits with a plenitude of action and awareness.
Great sages and practitioners of white magic have been born under this sign, most notably the heirs to the great lineage of Kukulkan, one of the greatest spiritual guides in the ancestral world. This sign activates the positive side if the spirit if this dimension bit is the reality of the transparency of contents in invisible space. It contains synchronicity, the great vibration, and collective memory.

Characteristics: people born on this day have the conception sign Toj and their destiny sign Kan.
No’j possess the qualities of wisdom and intelligence. They are Aq’omanela (Mayan healers), Ajq’ijab (Mayan priests) and diviners. They are brave and prudent and have good body signs. They are extremely trusting and don’t realize when others want to hurt them. They convey a sense of security.
No’j is one of the most noble and preserving signs in terms of love. They are good natured an understanding in marriage. They are faithful by nature, enjoy calm relationships, and give their partner room to develop.
They make good students and fight for justice. Although conservative, they break from tradition by fighting for their forward thinking ideas. They are idealists and dreamers. Their greatest challenge is to come back down to reality. No’j were born to initiate change. They are visionaries and prophets of the new way of life, and so deep down they aren’t happy with the status quo. Their existence is marked by clarity of being and the search for the profound. If one word could describe them, it would be “knowledge.”
Great seekers of their own truth, they are tireless investigators and avid readers. Eventually, they use art to communicate and express things that can’t be put into words. They need to transform and allow for self-reflection and growth. They are less thought and more action. They will grow by taking knowledge and making it wisdom.

Positive Aspects: No’j are merchants and Aq’omanela. Those born on 12 No’j are great defenders if justice. They are prudent and studious. Good artists, their sports are lifted by music and the visual arts. Noble, idealistic, and romantic, their most notable characteristic is service to others and a deep concern for children and the elderly.

Negative Aspects: No’j may hurts others with their extreme honesty. They lack the self-awareness to achieve their goals. They are very conceited and proud, slow to act, frail, angry, imposing, arrogant, individualistic, verbose, and inflexible.

Energy: This is a very good day for nourishing the mind, improving memory, and asking questions of the sacred ceremonial fire. It is also a good day to ask for body signs, to harmonize relationships, to request clarity, and especially to turn knowledge and experience into wisdom.

Professions: artist, doctor, spiritual guide, mathematics

Governing Body Parts: Brain, pineal gland

Nawal: coyote, woodpecker

Energy Places: tropical forests, woodlands, lakes, mountains, clouds

Colors: dark blue, light blue

Complementary Signs: No’j, E, Iq’, and Kej

Harmonious Signs: No’j, Aj, Imox, Kan, and Toj

The Mayan Cross


No’j have a special virtue: this is the sign of learning that leads to wisdom. The lives of those born under this sign are graced with nobility and extreme trust. Life will be extremely easy for them in a material sense; No’j attain financial well-being without much effort. Study and reading are the main tools they use to achieve their purpose in life. They have a strong tendency toward simplicity, too much excess can complicate their lives. Their view of the world is idealistic. They seek community, peace, and balance. This sign blazes trails; the adjacent energies provide courage and power.
Toj as the conception sign indicates an emotional suffering mainly during childhood. It is difficult for No’j to find their place. They wish that the illusion and protection afforded by their early years had never been shattered. Encounters from strangers may have been frightening during this period. This life is a direct result of their previous life, where all of their suffering and atonement began, even if they are honorable and upstanding now.
B’atz’ in the right hemisphere endows No’j with special growth in the arts and great manual dexterity. They tend toward writing, music, and painting. They make very good doctors, surgeons, and psychiatrists and are successful with ancestral and alternative forms of medicine. The interaction between B’atz’ and No’j results in a strong, analytical mind. The thirst for knowledge stays with them throughout life. They are particularly interested in philosophy and anything to do with new technology. Their artistic expression requires nurturing to evolve.
Aq’ab’al in the left hemisphere brings many changes, especially on a spiritual level. No’j needs to focus their attention on one discipline in order not to waste their energy. Aq’ab’al is the sign of changing opportunities. The greatest experiences in life for No’j come through travel and, above all, contact with nature. No’j is a rejuvenating, changeable sign that needs to make an effort to settle down and have a base.
Kan as the destiny sign provides a great deal of energy for No’j. The power of their inner fire is manifested in the sexuality, alternating between times of extreme action and others of great calm. Ruled by No’j, they tend toward romanticism and have many platonic lovers. They will always find a partner who is more realistic, someone who is their compass in life.

Famous People but under No’j: Ronaldinho, Richard Gere, Alfred Hitchcock, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Jay Leno, Barbara Walters, Joseph Barbera