Signifance of the Kab’awil: The group of spheres represents the members of a family and a group if families that belong to a community. The cross hatching means assistance or collaboration.

Meaning: Kawoq is family, meetings, groups, society, community, and continent-anything that can be grouped. It is a community day, generally beginning with the individual. It means group relationships and descent, the eternal return to life of future generations. It is society, the village, the town, the country, the continent, the planet, The planetary system, the galaxy, the universe, and expansion. It means the strength of unity, greater consciousness, the unfolding if the cosmic plan, growth, and fertility. It is the energy for abundance, in both the material and spiritual sense. It is the energy that brings the rain for good harvests.
It is a special day on which Ajq’ijab’ (Mayan priests) and K’exelon (midwives) burn pom to the Sacred Pouch in their brazier. This is the coral incense that the four B’alameb’ offered in the ceremony when they asked the Sun to come out for the well-being of the people. It is a special day to ask that one’s people, house, family and heart benefit. Ajq’ijab’, K’exelon, and spiritual guides burn copal to their Sacred Pouch to ask for the well-being of the people. It is an auspicious day to hold the sacred ceremony for cures. On Kawoq, one should ask for the knowledge to use medicinal plants because it is a day of energy, nature, and the elements.
It symbolizes the woman or the wife and the sacred spiritual staff. It is dignity, the Mayan priest, the representation of power and authority. It symbolizes total realization: rain, lightening, fire, wind, and water. It is group consciousness, individuals seen as a unit, and the assumption of an imaginary leadership role. Everything one does is for the benefit of the community, thus eliminating egoism and taking advantage of others.
The role of Kawoq is the passing of time, the accumulation of days, and reaching each one brings. It is cycles of time in each of the calendrical sets, and the changes these being represent the various stages of life.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign B’atz’, and their destiny sign is Kej.
Kawoq are brave, intelligent, noble, and imaginative. They are good-natured, kind, calm, generous, and caring. They are motivators and good communicators and presenters. They guide and defend the people. They are spiritual guides, diviners, and prognosticators. They are clairvoyant, receiving messages through dreams and body signs.
They attract abundance and will never go hungry. The arts, which are not foreign to them, are one means for them of attaining wealth. They are friendly and get along well with others. They have a great capacity for interaction and fit in anywhere, in any situation, although they always yearn for home. Not ambitious, they accept things as they come. They are somewhat conformist and obedient but have the gift for leadership when they are in power. They let themselves get carried along by gossip and what others say. Other people are very important to them. They like to put things in their place and will therefore not hesitate to make claims against anything they consider incorrect. They tend to get involved where they’re not wanted. Their fulfillment comes through transformation and regeneration.
Kawoq live for their families and find it hard to break away. They are good children and concerned parents they have to fight the inclination to live other people’s lives for them. Although there intention is to prevent others’ suffering, they are often manipulative and may impose their own vision. They are respected in love, although it is difficult for them to find a partner. There are quite conservative in this regard. Thy will have problems with their spouse unless they can become less dependent on their family, particularly their mother.

Positive Aspects: Kawoq behave rationally and are sure of themselves. Rey are observant, noble, imaginative, and judicious. They tend to be generous community leaders an dedicated to their families. They never go hungry. They are responsible with family. They are diviners and receive good body signs and dream signs. They deepen their knowledge and refuse to tolerate injustices.

Negative Aspects: Kawoq sometimes get involved where they don’t belong. They can also be blamed for when something bad happens. They refuse to back down in arguments whether they are right or wrong. They are probe to illness unless they do their spiritual work. They can be combative and intrusive and are likely to experience divorce and infidelity.

Energy: Kawoq This is the best day to San for the common good and well-being of the family, as well as to settle family disputes or problems of financial nature. It is a good day to attract affluence and abundance in business. It is a day on which to ask for good weather for crops.

Professions: Ecologist, neuropath, community, leader, politician, mathematician, gynecologist, orator, writer, artist, forecaster

Governing Body Parts: Heart, nerves

Nawal: Turtle

Energy Places: forests, especially pine or cypress

Colors: Green, blue

Complementary Signs: Kawoq, I’x, K’at, and Toj

Harmonious Signs: Kawoq, B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Aq’ab’al, and Kej

The Mayan Cross


Kawoq in people’s hearts attracts then to small groups and the local community. It makes them responsible and attentive to detail, which can verge on perfectionism. They will hold leaderships positions and are very well prepared for anything to do with community service, politics, and government. Kawoq is a sign of abundance. The presence of those born under this sign draws others even if they don’t realize it. They inspire confidence and maintain a strict sense of justice, although their idea of justice can be rigid. Their greatest challenge in life is family. Their family ties are very strong and hard to break; Kawoq have trouble separating from their parents in order to start their own family. When they do break those family ties, however, they are exemplary spouses and parents.
B’atz’ as the conception sign makes Kawoq good planners and doers. They attain a great deal of prestige and fame in the area of community service. This energy also enables them to be visionary planners. They are drawn to traditional medicine and can balance the se of plants and energies or currents with physical and chemical.
Aj in the right hemisphere manifests in Kawoq as a strong, authoritarian personality, although deep down they are vulnerable and seek protection. This energy is responsible for their success and prestige, which are envied, particularly in the family circle. Kawoq are good conversationalists and make excellent friends. They are overprotective parents and need a great deal of attention as children.
Kan in the left hemisphere allows Kawoq’s mind and sprit to become one. The image is of a spiral, inner five, the DNA that is projected onto the spiritual as a catalyst that awakens innate occult powers. Kan makes their love relationships sublime, and Kawoq generally fall in love with those who are attainable or unavailable. However, they will always find someone with whom to create a home. The person born under this sign will be similar to one of their parents. As the sign of family, Kawoq ensures unity and protection, at times to excess. They can become obsessive in the regard, and that obsessiveness is their greatest obstacle to growth.
Kej as a destiny sign marks Kawoq as sensitive, agile, nervous, and somewhat impulsive. As walking trees, they find peace and harmony in woodlands. This is where their mind and spirit will be nourished. Although this sign ensures that they are firmly rooted in all four corners of the world, it also points to their need to take precautions because betrayal can occur where they least expect it. Those born under this sign need harmony, and it is therefore best to be surrounded by artistic expressions and to have their own space, their own refuge.

Famous People born under Kawoq: Isabella Rossellini, Nicolas Cage, Diana, Princess of Wales, Brad Pitt, Yves Saint Laurent, Kurt Cobain, Joe DiMaggio, Jerry Seinfeld, Al Gore, Nicole Kidman, Joseph Stalin