Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph signifies the mind in a state of forgiveness and illumination. It is a brain with rays, lines of expansion, reaching out in all directions.

Meaning: Ajmaq is a favorable day to ask for and receive forgiveness, to manage harmony and discord, and to focus on the word, the message, ancestral lines, and the energy that emanates from living bodies, called an aura.
This day brings an energy that is the mother of all mistakes, offenses, and lack of responsibility before Ajaw, the Great Father, and all manifestations of life and creation. Our Grandfathers said that sin is a direct offense against Ajaw.
Ajmaq is forgiveness and a day of introspection. In antiquity it was a day to stay home and reflect on one’s acts and their consequences, whether intentional or unintentional. On that day, one would go out only to make an offering, to ask forgiveness from those who had been wronged, or to go to the ceremonies and listen to the traditions. The summing up of their lives in general and the last winal (twenty days) in particular was a way for Classic Mayans to maintain balance. They asked Mother Earth to forgive their abuses and gave thanks for the benefits they had received. This was this day when the great sages would share their teachings with the whole community and the community could speak with the Elders.
Ajmaq is Earth, the spirit of our Grandfathers. Maq is a like a curtain smoke that hides from te presence of Ajaw. It is a planetary awareness and outer space. It represents our Grandfathers and ancestral wisdom. In the eyes of the Grandfathers, the greatest error and irresponsibility-maq-is not believing in Ajaw and not serving or remembering Heart of Sky and Heart of Earth. It is a day that reminds us of and connects us to a universal vision as well as to our own reality. On this day, we can delve deeper into the purpose and direction of our lives. It is a day when questions arise and we explore the wonder and mystery of our expression as individuals. It is a day to remember our Grandfathers, our ancestors, and Mother Earth in her manifestation as the protector an procuress of humanity, she who always forgives. It is sweet honey.
The energy of Aj is the experience and virtue of a long walk through life. It is represented by old age, which does not have the same meaning as it does in the West. To become an Elder in the Mayan works one must have completed 4 cycles of 13 years and thus met be 52 years old.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Q’anil, and their destiny sign is K’at.
Ajmaq may be Mayan doctors. They are likely to have a long, healthy life. They are analytical, shrewd, quiet, and able to keep secrets. They have the virtue of taking life slowly and reaching their goals. They have a special talent for getting along well with everyone. They are very sweet and have many long relationships. In the Yucatecan tradition, the energy of Kib’, which means candle, was created on this day and means inner light, the divine spark in the infinite interior of our body.
Ajmaq have a sting personality and quick temper. Although they embody duality of curiosity and prudence, it is not unusual for then to have vices. Their essence is impenetrable, though they appear to be open and direct. They aspire to be sincere but often shift blame onto others. Deep down, they are insecure.
Given the importance of this energy, those born under this sign are sentient, sensitive, and potentially prone to depression. Their greatest challenge is to accept other people’s faults. Luckily, they often live a long life, and this allows them to gradually accept other ways of being. They can be extreme and get caught in religious fundamentalism.
Maq is Wuqub’ Qak’ix (the Seven Sins): pride, ambition, envy, lies, crime, ingratitude, and ignorance.

Positive Aspects: Ajmaq have the courage to solve problems. They have a talent for mixing with all types of people and acting as their defenders. They dominate cosmic force. They are analytical and accountable for their actions. They ask the Grandfathers and Grandmothers who have already come back to the truth to grant them intelligence and show them the proper path to follow. They are strong in both the material and spiritual sense.

Negative Aspects: Ajmaq blame others for their bad behavior. They are frail, undisciplined, jealous, and irresponsible. They are liars and have a strong personality. They are likely to have vices and to cause problems in the home, and try tend to be unfaithful to their partner.

Energy: Ajmaq is the most auspicious day to ask for and offer forgiveness, atone for our sins, an avoid confrontation. It is also a good day to cute all types of illnesses, defend the dispossessed, seek justice, and achieve harmony with Mother Earth.

Professions: strategists, politician, mathematician, orator, doctor, public relations, accountant, lawyer, international jurists

Governing Body Part: Genitalia, aura

Nawal: owl, bee, insects

Energy Places: Caves, caverns, streams, oceans

Colors: Gray, black, white

Complementary Signs: Ajmaq, B’atz’, Imox, and Kame

Harmonious Signs: Ajmaq, E, Ajpu, K’at, and Q’anil

The Mayan Cross


Ajmaq influences those born under this sign to quite curious. This life is a direct consequence of their previous lives, and this is a new opportunity to discover the path to comprehensive evolution. Their challenge is to not get lost in the illusion of the material world and instead to expose their inner light. Few signs have the opportunity that Ajmaq have to let their inner light shine and the power to understand themselves. It is also the sign most likely to bring many changes and to provide many wake up calls. Deep down they are aware of their life purpose, but this doesn’t mean it is easy for them to find their way. Their power comes from inner strength and the ability to take control of any situation. This only makes them seem more mysterious to others. If they awaken their conscience, they will be high ranking public servants with a strong social conscience and spiritual balance. They will become defenders of the people. Their life, which is generally long, is about finding balance and making use of their intense experiences.
Q’anil as the conception sign provides the seed that will grow slowly but steadily, and this is reflected in all aspects of life for Ajmaq. They have a special duty to children and plants; working with either of these is the most beneficial for balancing cause and effect. They get along and communicate much better with other people’s children than their own. They are well suited to planning projects and being able to carry them out.
Tz’i’ in the right hemisphere indicates a tendency toward material law, which benefits Ajmaq in financial terms. They do very well in banking and financing. They can also be distinguished litigators. Their right hand has the power and authority to cure many illnesses, they may specialize in alternative medicine.
Iq’ in the left hemisphere catalyzes the depths of the mind, resulting in a very profound and focused intelligence. It also manifests in Ajaw as a tendency toward exploring the mysteries of spirituality, which leads to an expansive mind an universal awareness.
K’at as the destiny sign provides challenges and entanglements. This energy always influences the future with uncertainty. The task for Ajmaq in their later years is to have learned from all of the entanglements and intense experiences try have faced in life. Their curiosity and K’at’s influence combine to create an alliance that is hard to control. It is difficult to keep them from becoming involved in other people’s problems b

Famous People born under Ajmaq: Arthur C. Clarke, Bob Dylan, Anthony Hopkins, Valentino, Truman Capote, Marlon Brando, Reggie Jackson, Pablo Picasso