Significance of the Kab’awi: This glyph symbolizes an eagle’s head. The top part is bald, and the vertical lines are the feathers on the back of the head.

Meaning: Tz’ikin is the intermediary between God and man. It is the intermediary between Mother Tz’aqol, Father B’itol. And human beings. It is the intermediation between Ajaw, the Great Father, and human beings, represented by everything that exists in space: air, clouds, cold, and heat-powers that Heart of Sky created to help us. It represents the sacred vision.
Tz’ikin means bird, the guardian of all Mayan lands. It is the maq’uq, questzal, the first bird to sing when the Sun and all the animals appeared. It is liberty, the messenger, treasure, luck, and money. It also means fortune. It is a special day on which to dedicate the Xukulem Chuwach Ri Qajaw~the Mayan ceremony to ask for good luck.
This sign brings good relationships. Tz’ikin provides magnetism and is the perfect day to negotiate, particularly in love and business. It is a special day for increasing intuition and vision.
The energy of this sign is accompanied by global awareness. It instills idealism and focus on the community. It is an independent, mutable energy.
It represents abundant harvests, good business, love, and art. It is a sign of liberty and the search for experience, the sign of love. The energy if this sign breaks with the status quo an can find a solution to anything. Tz’ikin brings broad vision, unlimited by time or space. It is the panoramic, acute vision of an eagle.
The name derives from Tz’i, the Authority, and Q’in, Father sun. In other words, Tz’ikin is the Sun’s authority, the representation of the Father of Earth. The image is if an eagle, whether in majestic flight or as a god on the rocky outcrop, representing social life and the status quo. On the ground, it represents the mundane.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign of Kej, an their destiny sign in Aq’ab’al.
Tz’ikin are merchants and artists. They are cheerful, kind, generous, friendly, and intuitive. They are lucky with money. Because they are very socially adept, they are popular an have good friendships. They are sophisticated but eccentric. Tz’ikin are the power behind the throne, and they make very good strategists. They give the impression that they can solve any problem. As the most erratic sign, however, they easily grow bored and can abandon everything in a flash. The sand thing happens with their friendships, though they may later come back to a friend they have forsaken.
Tz’ikin are lucky in love; they were born to be loved. They are susceptible to becoming involved in base passions and like to live intensely. Flattery is their greatest weakness.
They were born to be there own boss, and they need space and freedom. Generally, their energies are most alive when sun is setting and at night. They are therefore perfect bohemians. Life is a party for them.
They posses extraordinary mental acuity. They are Ajq’ijab’ and they develop far-reaching vision, receiving revelations through dreams.

Positive Aspects: Tz’ikin are kind, cheerful, and communicative. They manipulate invisible powers and are visionaries. Their predictions are accurate. Some possess great spiritual strength. They have a good vocabulary and express themselves easily and are this great communicators. They are ingenious, mystical, and generous. They transmit the sacred word and are protected by Ajaw.

Negative Aspects: Tz’ikin are very temperamental, insatiable, and forgetful. They are stubborn, licentious, ambitious, envious, opportunistic, arrogant, lazy, extravagant, frail, proud, verbose, prone to exaggeration, irresponsible, and vindictive. They can be spendthrifts, liars and cheats.

Energy: This is the best day for love and ask for personal or community abundance. It is also a good day to ask for protection for business. It is an auspicious day to ask for a partner or friend. Intuition, vision, precognition, and revelations through dreams prevail in spiritual matters.

Professions: Poet, sculptor, painter, clairvoyant, scientist, merchant, diplomat, psychologist, adviser, broker

Governing Body Parts: Eyes

Nawal: Eagle, condor, quetzal, butterfly

Energy Places: mountains, lakes, highland forests

Colors: dark blue, light blue, white

Complementary Signs: Tz’ikin, Ajpu, Kan, and Tz’i’

Harmonious Signs: Tz’ikin, B’atz’, Kawoq, Aq’ab’al, and Kej

The Mayan Cross


Tz’ikin is Father Sun’s representative on Earth, the Sun’s Authority, and this is what makes it such a fortunate and charismatic sign. The extraordinary intuition of those born under this sign will save them from countless problems. Rules, schedules, and commitments were not made for Tz’ikin. They re free-spirited children of the night. Life is a party they need want to end. They are quickly excited and then bored by things that attract their attention, and they are well aware of the damage they can inflict as a result of the fickle nature. Tz’ikin are lucky in love and oblivious to the broken hearts they leave in their wake. They are always looking out for their own well-being.
Tz’ikin make great confidants throughout their lives and are sought after as advisers and psychologists. They are capable of performing heroic acts. Although fascinated by fame and power, they seek to remain anonymous. Th word “gadabout” fits them like a glove and they will only begin to settle down later in life. They weren’t made to be faithful, even though they love home life and are very responsible there.
Kej as the conception sign gives Tz’ikin a need for and love of nature. They adapt very well to every situation and place they live in. They will have excellent friends and admirers of the opposite sex. Men need feminine energy and protection in order to survive, and women need male energy and protection.
Toj in the right hemisphere provides human warmth. The law of action and reaction in this and previous lives will follow Tz’ikin: those born under this energy are not exempt from paying the price for former lives. This is their misfortune, buttery will always come out ahead. They resolve everything at the last minute, as if always testing their good fortune and ability to live on the edge. They need contact with fire for personal harmony and balance. Fire speaks to them and it is critical to their ability to decipher knowledge. This does not mean, however, that heat or warm places are always beneficial to them.
Imox in the right hemisphere is the sign of all that is unexpected, eccentric, and unconventional. It orients Tz’ikin toward mysticism, going them strength and developing their internal powers.
Aq’ab’al as their destiny sign and catalyst leads Tz’ikinto search for answers in the past. They are intrigued and affected by where their family came from, as well as by periods of change in humanity such as in ancient Greece and Egypt, classical Rome, the renaissance, and the Belle Époque. Their counterpart will have an affinity with and projection toward the future, to the we technology they admire but fear. They are youthful, and their vocation will tend toward innovation.

Famous People born under Tz’ikin: Woody Allen, John F. Kennedy, Diego A. Maradona, Rigoberta Menchú, Michael Jordan, Adam Sandler, Sean Penn, Winston Churchill