Significance of the Kab’awil: This glyph signifies the heart of the planet, the feminine reproductive organs, the face of the jaguar, and points on the map of Mother Earth.

Meaning: I’x is the jaguar or tiger, signifying feminine and feline energy. It represents the four B’alameb’ (Men-Gods), intelligence, the strength of Mother Earth, the power of the jungle, and the protective spirit of hills, plains and mountains.
Signifying the creative forces in the universe, I’x is the day of high magic. This energy develops higher powers. Great magicians and prophets are born under its auspices. It provides innate intuition and curiosity. Those born under this sign could practice magic-scientific techniques. It is particularly favorable of divination. The power of this sign mediates between the real and unreal, the positive and negative, the possible and the impossible. It is therefore referred to as the Day of Magicians. Psychic powers and abilities are favored on this day.
Of all the signs I’x expands the mind the most, providing the strength to reach the highest level of consciousness. This strength, combined with mental acuity, benefits the highest level of mysticism.
I’x is reap resented by the jaguar, an Ajpop (higher diety) of the American jungle. It is related to strength, power, astuteness, and firmness. The mythical Men-Gods who led humanity were the four B’alameb’, or jaguars, regents if this sign, who saved and guided the Mayan world 12,000 years ago.
It is a special day for spiritual and community guides to ask for strength and positive energy and for a good life for all animals. It is a day on which to ask Ajaw, the Great Father, for good crops. The day’s energy is related it to sensitivity; it is therefore auspicious to establish good relationships based on clarity.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Kan, and their destiny sign is Iq’.
I’x are strong, brave, energetic and passionate. They rule in love and can always find someone to fulfill their desires. Feminine energy favors development of magic powers. They have a knack for raising animals and farming. They are warriors and dreamers. They have an excellent imagination. They are changeable, easily distracted, and quick to make decisions. They are brave risk-takers, and their destiny in unpredictable. They possess a physical strength and power that make them especially resilient.
Their energy is totally feline and this makes women born under this sign especially feminine. They are natural hunters, both loved and feared. They make protective fathers and the love the security that family provides.
If there is one word that describes them well it is “astute.” Although Rey are somewhat daring and never show their anxiety, they are always realistic and prudent. They have a strong personality. They keep their problems to themselves and have difficulty sharing them.

Positive Aspects: I’x are able and agile in their actions. They possess the strength and energy to meditate. They love being popular. Highland traditions can be good for them. They are interested in success, possess good health, and have the courage to confront any of life’s difficulties. They can be Ajq’ijab (Mayan Priests).

Negative Aspects: I’x are presumptuous, vain, quick tempered, and proud. They like to be the center of attention, seeking fame and success. They love power and are willing to do anything to attain it, which can unbalance their energy and quickly derail them on the path of life. They can hurt others if they aren’t careful. They can be arrogant, resentful, foolish, and fickle.
They are influenced by the nawal of the Seven Sins, or Wuqub’ Qak’ix: pride, ambition, envy, lies, crime, ingratitude, and ignorance.

Energy: This day has a special powers to change negative aspects. It is a day on which to withdraw, meditate, and reconsider life, to formulate a new strategy, and to solve problems. It is also a good day for inner strength and for magic and handling occult forces.

Professions: Warrior, philosopher, mathematician, doctor

Governing Body Parts: Muscles, nerves

Nawal: Jaguar

Energy Places: Jungles, ceremonial centers, step pyramids

Colors: Yellow, brown

Complementary Signs: I’x, Kawoq, K’at, and Toj.

Harmonious Signs: I’x, Tijax, Iq’, Kame, and Tz’i’

The Mayan Cross


I’x is the sign of great mystics and powerful magicians. The first Fathers of humanity govern this sign. The virtues and sense of magic of those born under this sign are therefore demonstrated throughout their lives, even if they try to reject or deny this talent. As pragmatists, they hesitate to disrupt the status quo.
Kame a the conception sign indicates continuity from a previous life connected to their ancestors. This sign is drawn to what is old and allows I’x to successfully look inside themselves. It provides extraordinary intuition: they must follow their instincts in order for their undertakings to go well. Protected by higher, inter-dimensional beings, great knowledge is revealed to them in dreams. They are an object if envy and a betrayal among their own sex. They will have to find alliances with the opposite sex, which understands ten better.
Q’anil in the right hemisphere directs there energy toward agriculture. Everything I’x plant bears fruit, even if its not immediately apparent. Those born under this sign who want to start their own business would do best to partner with someone who has a complementary sign. I’x are able to embark on new ventures successfully, but others need to see them through. They will have problems with young people throughout their lives; they are likely to have few children, and only later in life although this could change if their partner if very fertile.
Ajpu in the left hemisphere is an energy that passes tests, particularly ones of spiritual nature. In Mayan mythology, the twins Jun Ajpu and Ixb’alamke, the beginning and masculine and feminine energy, went down to the underworld and passed the tests set for them by the Lords of Xib’alb’ay. This day brings certainty, security, and the achievement of goals, provided the mind doesn’t play tricks and engender doubt. People involved with I’x, particularly in love relationships, must be very patient because they can highly suspicious and demanding, even obsessive. They will always find someone willing to serve then and satisfy their pleasures. They need their achievements to be recognized and complimented.
Iq’ as the destiny sign feeds their mind and imagination, making them particularly intelligent. That intelligence will grow if they let imagination run free, although they have a tendency to over think or fabricate b

Famous People born under I’x: Richard Nixon, Arnold, Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Paul Newman, David Blaine, Viggo Mortensen, Ernest Hemingway, Julie Andrews