Significance of the Kab’awil: The vertical lines or stalks at the top of this glyph that only come part way down signify spiritual growth. The horizontal line, symbolizing multiplication and the horizon, is an altar table, and the sacred trees, such as he ceiba and coral tree, with their roots, trunk, and canopy, also represent the table or altar.

Meaning: Aj represented by sugarcane and cornstalks, symbolizes the strength of power. It means abundance and the renewal of nature in order to be in harmony with others. It is a pillar that connects cosmic and telluric energies. It is unity, power and the seven virtues of the divine power: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, and the Center. Aj is also clairvoyance, sacred words, love of harmony, telepathy, body signs, unexpected dreams, and sacred knowledge of sex.
Aj symbolizes Grandmother Ixmukane’s first rite before the cornstalks, when she cried for some sign of life from her grandsons Jun Ajpu and Ixb’alamke, who were alive in the underworld, Xib’alb’ay. It is triumph over evil and bad spirits. It is the triumph of life over death.
Aj is the sacred staff that symbolizes both earthly and divine authority, providing leadership and autocracy, and the posts that hold up a house, the pillars of strength. It is make strength and conviction combined with poise and communication par excellence during difficult times.
The sugarcane crop is the community that provides abundance, the sweetness of knowing how to grow by sharing. It is the return home, the place of origin, the tab’al, or sacred Mayan altar, the place where higher energies converge and manifest. Aj also represents the spinal column, developing the internal serpent of fire that moves and awakens secret strength. It activates the power that results in heroic acts.
Aj cultivates the knowledge of human nature gained through joint, community work. It personifies integrity, honesty, and rectitude. It is the mother of confidentiality and purity and had characteristics of cosmic expansion.
This sign deals with ethics, prudence, and morality. Aj invokes simplicity and justice as the path to life harmony. It is a sign of prestige and status, bringing the energy needed to attain the sublime.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign Kan, and their destiny sign is Imox.
Aj are masters of knowledge, Ajq’ijab (Mayan priests) and K’exelon (midwives). They understand the physical. With hard work, they can develop the ability to receive spiritual messages.
They are readers, researchers, and scholars. They seek refinement and education, becoming great academics. They are intelligent, strong, and persevering. Their search for perfection is a great asset but could also be their greatest obstacle. They suffer but succeed in the end, achieving the goals try set for themselves. Those born under this sign attain prestige and renown. Great politicians, statesmen, and psychologists born under this sign have gone down in history as a result of their honesty and good work. They are deep thinkers by nature.

Positive Aspects: Aj possess sacred knowledge and strong spiritual power. They are cheerful and decisive and able to take secrets to the grave. With their respect for plants and others species, they make good farmers. They are trustworthy at home with their family and love their children. They are great moralists, always thinking about the rules. They need to be constantly stimulated and easily lose interest if they are not. They may hold public office or attain senior positions within their profession and will be known as authorities.

Negative Aspects: Some Aj may live in poverty. Their lives are changeable, and their powerful emotions can result in great sadness and pain. They are often ill during childhood, but not as adults. They like to test their fellow men. They are obsessive and angry, not very sensible, insensitive in some situations, proud, and gluttonous.

Energy: This day protects the home, plants, and animals. It brings good weather and good harvests, and it bears fruit. It is the energy that brings rebirth, return to home, a sign of life. Aj facilitates the renewal of nature in order to be in harmony with others.

Professions: Artist, counselor, educator, poet

Governing Body Part: Spinal column

Nawal: Armadillo

Energy Places: Beaches, lowland forests

Colors: Brown, white

Complementary Signs: Tijax, Aq’ab’al, and Q’anil

Harmonious Signs: No’j, Imox, Kan, and Toj

The Mayan Cross


Aj represents authority. Those born under this sign are often known throughout life as experts in their field. However, they are usually the power behind the throne, preferring to void the spotlight. These people will always have a special connection to their place of birth. They love the Earth and nature. Their lives are almost always successful, though not without obstacles. The combination of these energies result in a certain seriousness, although deep down they are somewhat eccentric. Others often find them strange. This perception does not distract them from earnestly pursuing their work, which can lead them to be obsessive. The mind plays a big role in Aj. Their brains are always working, and they like to delve in the mysteries of psychology.
Kan as the conception sign will bring additional, boundless energy. This sign is associated with the eternal search for knowledge. The greatest weakness of Aj is their sexual energy-their sensuality in particular. They must keep their spinal column flexible, for their energy seeks to be channeled. They will develop paranormal powers if they are able to use their internal energy. Self-discipline is their closest ally. Kan in this position indicates a spirit that is far along the path and needs to live intensely in order to grow. This intensity makes Aj either very desired or very disliked.
Kej in the right hemisphere provides exceptional imagination and inspiration. It tempers Aj’s usual pragmatism. Kej makes those born under Aj sensitive to art, particularly music and painting. They have an equal understanding of the feminine and masculine visions.
Kawoq in the left hemisphere influences the tendency to make big plans as well as to seek social justice and work for the well being of all. Aj are emotionally dependent on their partners and maintain strong ties with their family. Family comes first, and despite their sexual appetite, they seek fidelity. Family and close friends respect them.
Imox as they destiny sign creates conflict for Aj with their inner personality, manifesting as nonconformity. This sign brings unrestrained impulsiveness, and this enriches Aj’s lives with unusual experiences and make them particularly intrigued with mysticism, though they do not make this the focus of their life given their affinity for pragmatism and provable facts. Aj are passionate about the countryside, and this is where they will become highly spiritual and refined.

Famous People born under Aj: Barack Obama, Larry King, Quentin Tarantino, Maria Callas, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung