Significance of the Kab’awil: The top part of this glyph is a cone that has time rolled up into it. The cone descends to a triangle, which represents our dimension, and then to the sphere of the Earth, passing through the angles, which are two polarities, masculine and feminine.

Meaning: B’atz’ is the start of life, infinite time, and unity. Spiritual connections are history interwoven with time. This sign symbolizes cosmic phenomena and original wisdom. B’atz’ is the diety that created Earth and Sky, the Creator of life and wisdom. B’atz’ signifies the time it takes for a child to develop in the womb. The tz’ite (divine coral tree) that represents Ajq’ijab (Mayan sun priests) contains 260 seeds, representing the 9 moons or 9 months of pregnancy. B’atz’ presides over the future.
This sign symbolizes time unraveled, evolution, and human life. The Maya depict time as a thread wound around a giant reed underneath the Earth. This thread is unraveled as time goes by. History is woven from time.
Before the Maya used thread, they wove with pop, or palm, and thus the Popol Vuh was originally called the Pop Vuh. This sign indicates that time has unraveled, giving us life and existence. This is why they are happy and dance around the fire from right to left during sacred ceremony, until they have circled it 13 times. When the ceremony is about to end, they dance around the fire another 13 times, from left to right, winding up the spool of time again. This symbolizes our love and desire for more life. Ajaw, the Great Father, is movement and dance is movement. The Creators and Makers tossed a thread to the end of the universe, folded it and threw it back.
Climbing plants represent vegetation and signify unity and infinite time. B’atz’ unite men and women and governs marriage. It also symbolizes the umbilical cord. It is the start of life, infinite time, intelligence, and wisdom.

Characteristics: people born on this day have the conception sign Aq’ab’al and their destiny sign is Kawoq.
B’atz’ is the sign of great planners- people with a comprehensive, futuristic outlook. They make excellent doctors who tend to combine natural or ancestral medicine with new technology by this ability to combine the old with the new influences all aspects of their life, although deep down the are conservative.
Great seekers of harmony, they tend toward any of the arts. They are planters of corn, orators, musicians, weavers, painters, sculptors, singers, poets and writers. They are also great lovers of nature. People born under B’atz’ may become Ajq’ijab, K’exelon (midwives), or spiritual guides. They are tenacious and achieve their goals with hard work. They are creative, superstitious, amusing, sensitive, and passionate.
They are demanding in love, seeking the perfect partner, and therefore tend to become quickly disenchanted. Once they find their mate, however, the try to protect that union under all costs.
As adults, thy achieve success and prestige. They normally have a splendid future, attaining a level of comfort and material wealth through hard work.

Positive Aspects: B’atz’ are calm and frequently solve their problems easily. Ajaw listens to these people. Their judgements are accurate. They are generous, active, dynamic, and good defenders of the people. They are organized, they posses spiritual strength, and their ideas flow. They have a strong personality, and their actions are well defined. They have a deep love of family.
The Mayan New Year is celebrated on Waqxaqi’B’atz’, or 8 B’atz’, the day of masculine energy, while B’eleje’B’atz’, or 9 B’atz’, is the day of Mayan women and nature as a whole.

Negative Aspects: B’atz’ have a strong, difficult personality. They are proud, arrogant, and insecure and may ridicule others in order to make themselves feel superior. They are ignorant, ruthless and overbearing.

Energy: This sign is the best day for marriage. It is also a good day to put things in order or to start planning a project. It is the day that protects artists and an auspicious day to ask for good crops. It is a good day to solve family problems.

Professions: Artist, dancer, Mayan priest, midwife, physical therapists, chiropractor, matchmaker, obstetrician/gynecologist, ecologist.

Governing Body Parts: Blood Vessels

Nawal: Monkey

Energy Places: Forests, lakes, the clear night sky

Colors: Red, orange

Complementary Signs: B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Kawoq, Imox, and Kame are truly complementary signs. They make the best relationships in terms of love and business. They become lifelong friends.

Harmonious Signs: B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Kawoq, Kej and Aq’ab’al are harmonious signs. They combine good energy and there is rarely any conflict between them. They sometimes make good friendships or lasting love relationships.

The Mayan Cross


B’atz’ are community-oriented later in life, in both service and scope. Family is very important to them, although they and their relatives don’t always understand one another. The greatest obstacles of their personal growth are ego and avarice. At times they are detached from from the material and financial and therefore need to learn balance. Their nawal is the monkey, which signifies wisdom in many cultures. It is said that being near a person with this sign brings great fortune. In Mayan mythology, the first divine twins were Jun B’atz’ and Jun Chowen, whose names translate to One Monkey and One Artisan, respectively. Both were great sages and the fathers of fine art, but they succumbed to their egomania. Duality marks this sign. B’atz’ are children of the night. This is when they are energized and feel a sense of freedom. They have a great deal of sexual energy and can be tempted to act on strong passions or violent sexual impulses. Writing is their most natural form of expression. Great strategists with strong mental acuity have been born under this sign.
Having Aq’ab’al as their conception sign means that they will grow spiritually. This life is a product of their past. Now they have a new opportunity and must take advantage of it. Life will bring many changes. The energy of Aq’ab’al has one foothold in the past and another in the future. The greatest problem for B’atz’ will be to find themselves in the present. They will always appear young and ready for adventure.
Kan in the right hemisphere brings additional strength and energy. The inner fire it brings to B’atz’ can be their greatest virtue or vice. Their right hand will work incredible healing miracles. They tend to lose a lot of sexual energy, magnetism, and power over material things.
No’j in the left hemisphere brings nobility and a spiritual nature. The knowledge that B’atz’ acquire throughout life will become wisdom.

Famous People born under B’atz’: Dustin Hoffman, Jacques Cousteau, Sean Connery, Stanley Kubrick, Neil Armstrong, Robert De Niro, Joan Miró, Harrison Ford, Serena Williams