Significance of the Kab’awil: The upper right-hand side of this glyph signifies the ear, the path. The dots are stones placed alongside the path.

Meaning: E symbolizes the path of destiny, travel, the road of life, the guide, and the means. The how and what of the journey called life is the energy of action; that which moves us toward a precise objective, it is the part of life that searches for realization in every situation and aspect in life. E represents the stairs between the world, the overworld, and the underworld. It indicates where to walk. It also symbolizes the staircase and individual steps on the spiritual path, represented by teeth. E lays out the vertical and horizontal lines we need to follow as individuals and as members of society.
E is the strength, power, and energy a person possesses for undertaking journeys, jobs, commissions-anything having to do with human realization. It is the sacred way, Saq B’e (the White Road), purity, and the second level. The White Road leads from one temple to another, from one city or ceremonial center to another.
E is the unfolding of history, which begins with B’atz and ends with Tz’i’. E provides action. It is intermediation, it is the search for what is new yet similar between different visions, and it brings an innate, innovative strength.
E guides and protects merchants. After diplomats and wise men, merchants were next to walk along the roads. This energy satisfies their needs once they have gone the distance.

Characteristics: People born on this day have the conception sign of K’at and their destiny sign is Ajpu.
E are Ajq’ijab (Mayan priests), leaders, diplomats, and political experts. They are travelers and make good guides and successful merchants. They are natural leaders and great storytellers and orators. Very sensitive, they like to surround themselves with works of art; with focus and hard work, they can become great artists.
They are skilled at the art of conversation. They know something about everything, like history, and are always respected. They are obedient, resolute, and brave and share their wealth with the community. They are highly creative and self-motivated. They have an adventurous, restless spirit, needing to move and travel frequently and take risks. They are speculators, constantly changing their opinions. They are very noble, particularly with children and younger generations, and they share their experience and wisdom. They are deeply understanding, tolerant, and kindhearted, and they genuinely care for their fellow man.
This sign is one of the luckiest in love. Those born under it need several relationships throughout life and aren’t exactly the most faithful people. When they are comfortable and free of pressure, however, they feel no need for extramarital affairs, and home is where they are happiest. They generally make good parents. Despite being very communicative, they are actually quite vulnerable and distrustful beneath their out shell.

Positive Aspects: E are generous, kindhearted, resolute, understanding, cheerful, and affectionate. They readily and immediately help other and are happy to show them the proper path. They ask Ajaw for whatever other people need and are sincere. They make good Ajq’ijab and may become K’amol B’ey (community guides).

Negative Aspects: E can argue ideology with their enemies. They have a tendency to see the negative side of actions and events. They are prone to serious illnesses. They may envy those who are wealthy. They are manipulative and are not very trustworthy, using negative strategies to get what they want. They are liars and tend toward infidelity.

Energy: This is the best day to begin any type of business or negotiation or to sign a contract. It is an auspicious day to begin a trip, whether long or short. It is a very good day for communication, especially abroad, and for receiving news about loved ones who live elsewhere.

Professions: Merchant, administrator, mathematician, broker, salesperson, real estate agent, art or antique dealer, philosopher, psychologist, chef.

Governing Body Part: Sole of the foot

Nawal: Wildcat

Energy Places: Mountains, highlands forest, rivers

Colors: white, light blue

Complementary Signs: E, No’j, Iq’ and Kej

Harmonious Signs: E, Ajmaq, Ajpu, K’at, and Q’anil

The Mayan Cross


E makes excellent merchants and brokers. Their people skills and attention to detail inspire confidence, as does their positive attitude. In Mayan mythology, E is the second step in creation. It is the creative action where the infinite path of time finds a space in which to manifest. The image is one of naturally achieving balance and harmony. It gives those born under this sign a deep sense of spirituality. It is destiny, the path of life, and E are great travelers on the sacred path. They are facilitators and bringers of news.
E provides a special gift for understanding all of the arts relating to divination. Males should surround themselves with feminine energy that extols their virtues, while women should surround themselves with masculine energy, where they will find true friendship. E are often very well informed about other cultures. They are not usually prophets in their own land. Life for them is better lived outside their place of birth.
K’at as the conception sign speaks of a life governed by previous lives is the reason for entanglements and obstacles E face throughout life. This same energy, however, also helps them crystallize their purpose.
Kame in the right hemisphere denotes an old soul inclined toward the past and all things ancestral. It opens good communication with other dimensions. E will be respected later in life. They are protected from accidents and illnesses and feel confident about taking risks. They are surrounded by a halo of mystery and have great magnetism.
Tijax in the left hemisphere indicates that E may be able to pull aside the veil of secret knowledge. Tijax’s energy protects them from those who seek to deceive, telling them when to withdraw from a bad situation. It also makes them categorical when making decisions, which may be impulsive. The nawal energy is the double-edged knife-half positive, half negative. E have to find balance in order to make use of their strength.
Ajpu as the destiny sign means E will find certainty and rest later in life, after a great deal of agitation, emotion, and travel in the younger years. This energy provides them with security and stability they will manage to overcome the obstacles and tests that life places in their path.

Famous People born under E: Stevie Wonder, Yitzhak Rabin, Anne Frank, David Beckham, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr.