This post will be a series because there is a lot of information and will take a long time to set up. I’m trying to think if the best way because when you try to find your sign it can be a little complicated.

This is from the Ch’umilal Wuj, the Book of Destiny. This book is based on the Cholq’ij calendar or known also as Tzolkin calendar which consists of 260 days with the cosmic and telluric energies that affect each day. It is used to decipher the meanings of the 20 days of nawales (energy usually depicted as an animal), the year bearer (reigning energy) and the Mayan Cross.

The information in each day’s nawal can be both positive and negative depending on what stage you are in life. They can determine purpose of one’s life, how to achieve certain goals, and shape their destiny. Through a person’s sign we can establish abilities, spiritual qualities, paranormal properties, and see what places of energy (altars) will help them develop. Some altars at times will be more powerful than others so a diagram that states beneficial dates would make it easier for the follower.

To activate such energies, a ceremony must be performed to the corresponding element on the correct day and time. When in harmony with the altar we will gather information that we can activate or decode. The activation occurs in our DNA by unblocking knowledge and preparing our body to awaken our internal powers.

Information at these altars have been kept secret for thousands of years protected by H-Menob’ or Mayan priests. 5,000 natural altars reside in Mesoamerica and about 2,000 have remained active for centuries. Along with these are over 260,000 man built ceremonial centers including the pyramids and temples for energy purposes that can be found in the Books of Chilam Balam.

The practice of following these Mayan signs enabled the Classic Mayan world to be a harmonious civilization. No person lived against their own energy or destiny. There was high respect for one another because they knew they were a part of an evolutionary whole in the cosmic plan. The mandate each person was born with was honored. Everyone was born with a role and no one labored at anything other than what was indicated in their sign. They grew unified, completely in tune with their own makeup and with Mother Nature.

These harmonious views of coexistence may seem quixotic, but prophecies shows this is how all humankind will return when the changes in the new cycle have fully taken hold. From Don Pascual, leader of the Mayan Eagle clan in Guatemala, had this to say:

“The era we have prepared for has arrived. This time of 12 baktun and 6 Ajaw is the Return of the Wise Men after the B’olom Tiku’ or the Great Night. This period lasted for almost 500 years starting at the time of the conquest until August 1987. Next was a period of 5 years, the transition, when knowledge was opened to all people of all nations. From orders of the Elders anyone with genuine interest of the Great Tradition to find their destiny would be given that opportunity. Great sages have been reincarnated around the world and they would be the bringers of harmony and comprehension. The times we live in need great clarity. It’s important to follow an active spiritual path without fundamentalism or dogmatism. Our tradition needs to be pragmatic and congruent with Mother Nature.
We have reached the height of materialism, trivialness, and all that is transient. Being led by technology we have lost our way. Dulled in our minds and senses. We are left with a great void and an enormous fear. We harbor vain delusions and fear being alone that we need distractions like televisions and radios. People avoid true meaning of their existence by using drugs. Mayan drugs are made from sacred plants we inherited and are only taken during strict ceremonies to reach our full potential and supervised by masters. Negativity and chemical alterations surrounding them has overshadowed any benefits.
Many are coming back to the ancestral wisdom and the Natural Order. Great changes begin with just one person. A person should never go through life without being conscious of their purpose, abilities, properties, and different cycles, both positive and negative.”

Like I said, there will be continuing posts. One to find your sign and the next what it represent. I will post each sign individually as there is a lot of information and don’t want to exclude anything that would be beneficial to the person. I hope everyone can live in this harmony and be one with their true self no longer afraid and empty.